My website hosting expired recently and I was faced with the decision of whether to continue with Dropstitch or just let it die. After kicking off proceedings in June 2007, things started slowly – I was faced with the task of having to build up enough confidence to approach absolute strangers, and well dressed ones to boot, and take their photo on a camera I could barely operate.

It ended up being fantastic – through Dropstitch I’ve met so many interesting people and have found out a lot more about the fashion industry in Perth. Opportunities have been a-plenty, with a few overseas magazines wanting to publish my snaps on a regular basis, and a local magazine wanting to hire me on a permanent one.

Though I can’t update as much as I could before working at X-Press, I still love going out and taking photos – I’m thrilled every time I see a well dressed person! Finding those well dressed people hasn’t always been easy though; in a city as sprawling as Perth, you never know where fashionable folk will be hanging out. So, updates haven’t always been regular, and yes, I have photographed some of the same people more than once, but hey, why show one cool outfit when you could show two?

Because the website may go down for an unspecified amount of time while the hosting is changed over to another company, I wanted to assure people that Dropstitch isn’t dead and I’m not planning on letting it fizzle out anytime soon. I have big plans for Dropstitch in 2009, which you’ll find out more about as things progress. Until then, lets take a walk down memory lane…

Remember Zoe? She was the first person I ever took a photograph of for Dropstitch. She’s now modelling over in Japan – lucky lass.


Here’s Celene at The Prom in 2007. I think to date, this has been one of the most talked about outfits on the site, for all the right reasons.


I don’t remember her name, but I took this girl’s photo at The Klaxons gig at Capitol. It’s one of my favourite photos – I love how simple and chic her outfit is.

This lad’s name is Sam; this photograph of him has been really popular with mens’ fashion sites and a couple of magazines – nice work buddy.


Anyone who has read Dropstitch from the start will recognise Chloe. I met her when I took this photo and have since bumped into her with my camera on many occasions.

I adore this chap’s outfit – very dapper.

There’s been some pretty funny moments thanks to you guys too…

Remember Fred The Mole? No? Well, you can read all about him here and here . Pretty funny stuff.

Thanks for reading, Emma