Over the last few months superstar stylist Hannah McGrath (of An Adventure) and myself have been super busy working on a very exciting project, which goes by the name of All Of The Above Creative. Launching in January, All Of The Above Creative will act as an agency representing creatives in three fields: photography, styling and beauty. Born from a desire to generate work for creatives based in WA, it is hoped that All Of The Above will help prevent talent from having to relocate to the eastern states to further their careers (read: Hannah and I are sick of losing our friends to Sydney and Melbourne!). Thus far we’ve signed a small group of incredibly talented lads and lasses to the agency, including the likes of Rebecca Joanne and Libby Edwards, who I recently worked with on a shoot featuring designs by the super duper amazing Curtin Fashion graduate Celene Bridge.

I am over the moon with Libby’s photos, Rebecca’s beauty work and Celene’s amazing designs – all the elements came together to make a fantastic shoot. Thanks too to the beautiful Ash who modeled for us.

Stay tuned to Dropstitch and An Adventure for more information on All Of The Above and the stellar talent who have signed up!




Photography by Libby Edwards @ All Of The Above Creative

Beauty by Rebecca Joanne @ All Of The Above Creative

Styling by Emma Bergmeier @ All Of The Above Creative

All designs by Celene Bridge

Model: Ash Bester