Elle wears Limedrop blazer from Pigeonhole $398, En Rose tee from Zara Bryson $99, Julie Grbac skirt from Black Beret $265, Martini & Coz pearl necklace from FashionWA.com $250

Shane wears Stand International tee from stand.com.au $59.95, Levis jeans from Cite $119, David & Goliath coat from Pulse $179.99, Vanish shoes from Betts $89.99. Sheldean wears Passion jacket from Pulse $169, Riders jeans from Cite $199.95, Bold heels from Betts $109.99, Estreya ring from estreya.com.au $25.

Elle wears Strummer pants from Black Beret $320, Karen Walker top from Zara Bryson $275, Karen Walker skull necklaces from Billie & Rose $65 each, Georgette heels from Betts $119.99. Sheldean wears Carly Hunter dress from Billie & Rose $390, Ellery blazer from Billie & Rose $750, Georgette heels from Betts $119.99.

Shane wears Lee 568 jeans from Cite $119.95, Insight denim shirt from Cite $99.95, Stand International tee from stand.com.au $59.95, Revel shoes from Betts $139.99. Elle wears Secret Squirrel blouse from Pigeonhole $ 185, Retro Spec’d jeans from Planet $155, Fonda heels from Betts $109.99, Giant Diamond necklaces from Pigoenhole $65 each.

Photography by Otilee

Styling by me with assistance from Hannah McGrath & Madalin Frodsham

Models: Shane, Elle & Sheldean @ Scene

Hair Styling by Head Studio

Make Up by Sam Enticknap

Photographer’s Assistant: Kate Hedges

Location: the Leeuwin II

Anchors Away hits the streets of Perth on Thursday, June 24. It will also be available online, I’ll share the link when it goes live.