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A friend of mine recently returned home from living overseas for a few years and when we caught up she said to me “so you’re a fashion editor now, you must be rich!” I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch. NEWSFLASH people, that aint the case! Though I have an amazing job that I adore, I certainly am not rolling in it; my weekly budget is rather modest which means I have to be very selective with my purchases.

When it comes to investing I couldn’t care less about shares or saving for a property, any spare income I have goes straight to one of two things: fashion or art. I love beautiful things and can’t seem to go any longer than four weeks without buying something new to wear, whether that be a vintage frock, some bobby socks or Hasbeen Clogs (of which I now own 3 pairs – great investment in my mind!).

floral dressFloral frock from ASOS, was $65 now $39

One of the main reasons I love vintage clothing is because of the affordability; most of my lovely dresses cost less than $50, and I’m rarely willing to spend any more than that because I simply can’t afford it! I absolutely see my vintage dresses as an investment. My wardrobe is a collection of fashion that I will keep forever, it’s priceless to me.

As much as I love vintage, it is nice to occasionally indulge in something that hasn’t been worn by someone else and when I’m hunting for first hand clothes I always go first to the sale section. My poison of choice? The ASOS outlet. With the Australian dollar doing so well at the moment, now’s the time to be buying from the US and you certainly don’t have to pay full price! The ASOS outlet is laden with beautiful bargains and they’re currently offering free shipping to Australia.

To help fashion lovers stay on top of their finances The Commonwealth Bank has created a 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty video, which features industry heavyweights talking about how they invest in fashion.

If you’d like to win a $200 Westfield gift voucher (and frankly who wouldn’t?!) then simply watch this video and leave a comment on this post stating which industry expert you thought had the best tips, and what your own methods are for investing in fashion are.

straw hat

ASOS straw hat was $27 now $15

EDIT: Competition now closed