mopping the deck in the most stylish way possible

Above: Elle getting a Marie Antoinette inspired hairdo from Shane @ Head Studio

Dior inspired makeup by Sam Enticknap

I thought you guys might enjoy having a look at some behind the scenes snaps from the retail and student shoots that will feature in the next edition of X-Press Fashion. Stay posted for some of the final images – I’ll upload them tomorrow.

The retail editorial was shot aboard the incredibly beautiful Leeuwin II, a tall ship that’s docked down in Fremantle. We had such good luck with the weather – it was a lovely, sunny day in Freo so there was lots of blue sky which looks great in the final shots. Thanks to everyone who helped out with this issue: Jacqui Brown, Hannah McGrath, Madalin Frodsham, Kate Hedges, Otilee, Romain, Constance Bowles, Sam Enticknap, Head Studio, plus Shane, Elle & Sheldean from Scene Models and Brittany from Chadwick’s… I think that’s everyone!

Accessories and essential tools of the trade, well, perhaps the Diana Mini and Holga cameras aren’t essential…

Head Studio perfecting the hair for Anna Excell’s shot

Chloe Jones’ props for the student shoot. Thanks to Chloe & Hannah for lugging so much heavy stuff up to the studio!

Constance making up Brittany