Zoe wears tee and lucky clover necklace from Pigeonhole – www.pigeonhole.com.au
(Photography: Penny Lane, Styling: Emma Bergmeier, Hair & Make Up: Marie Princi, Model: Zoe @ Scene)

It’s no secret that I love Pigeonhole; ever since Johann opened the doors of his Bon Marche Arcade store, Dropstitch has featured many Pigeonhole related posts (just search for ‘Pigeonhole’ on the right there to read those entries).

The world of Pigeonhole expanded recently with the opening of a Shafto Lane store and I’m pleased to announce that now the Pigeon-empire is growing again, with the addition of a new creative space adjacent to their existing  Bon Marche store.

To launch the space, Pigeonhole will host an exhibition titled  Cabin Fever,  which will feature a collection of one-off, customised items by local artists, as well as a log cabin art installation. The launch and exhibition will  kick off at 6pm on Wednesday, July 22, at 12 Bon Marche Arcade in Perth.

The new space will also be used to hold workshops starting in August, with Yolanda Stapleton  presenting Lomography workshops, plus others offering knitting, baking and plush creating workshops. Johann has asked me to present a fashion related workshop which I’d love to do but I’m not sure what people would like to hear/learn from me… I thought the best way to figure that out would be to ask – so, whaddya wanna know? Perhaps you’re a student designer who wants to learn a few tips for approaching the media, or you want to be a stylist but don’t know where to start? I don’t think I’m overly ‘qualified’ on these subjects but my experience in the industry has taught me that qualifications really don’t mean much – it’s all about whether you have an eye for aesthetics or a way with words.

Please, don’t hold back, suggest away!

P.S. The photo at the start of this post is a sneak peak of a photoshoot I did with some good friends (who also happen to be incredibly talented) for Pocketto Magazine recently. Pocketto’s Editor, Emma, tells me the edition will be online on July 1, but you can head to the site now to check out Issue 5 – www.pockettozine.com