What items are you wearing and where are they from?

Blouse is vintage,

Pants are Dr Denim. They’re a Swedish brand. Incredibly easy to wear, and really well made – the belt holders are triple looped! they even have little pull-apart studs going up the calves – Adidas made it rank, Dr Denim makes it awesome. 

Which designers are your favourites?

In terms of affordability, Something Else, Gorman, Kate Hurst, Antipodium, Coo Ca Choo, Dot & Herby, Youth World, Skin and Threads, Rittenhouse, Claude Maus, and Sylvester. In terms of if-affordability-wasn’t-an-obstacle-ability, Nom D, Zambesi, Lover and Freidrich Gray. I can appreciate the awesomeness of stuff like Alpha 60 and Romance Was Born, but it’s not really what I’d want to wear. 

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Conscious of what it’s missing. Which ain’t a half bad start, if you ask me. Well, you just did….