Perth designer Bree Kiddey took some time out to chat with Dropstitch about her label Bim Kenesis…

Where does the name Bim Kenesis come from?

Bim Kenesis is a play on my name. I like the way it sounds and reflects the quirkiness, playfulness and energy of the label.

What are the limitations and advantages of being a Perth based designer?

It’s really hard to find the resources to do what you want. Things take a little longer to get done over here. The advantage is that the isolation forces you to come up with your own inspiration and do something a little bit different.

How do you find Perth/Australian people respond to the designs you create?

So far the response has been really good! People have really liked all the story based collections and details that are on each Bim Kenesis piece. Perth has been very supportive too.

What inspired the looks in the Bim Kenesis Summer range? 

The Sarsparilla Gang Summer collection was inspired by old gangster flicks and the art deco movement.

What does the future hold for Bim Kenesis?

For the moment we are really just looking at securing the Australian market and then hopefully a few more overseas stockists. Maybe a guys line? Stay tuned.

Where is Bim Kenesis stocked?
In Perth at Billie & Rose and Lala Orange; down south at Frankie and Johnny.

Check out Bim Kensesis’ summer ranger:

Or their Myspace: