Perth girl Renee Glastonbury is well known around Perth for her kitschy jewellery label Dapple-Grey. Whilst studying fashion at Curtin, Renee realised that she had a love for jewellery design and has been creating pieces under the label Dapple-Grey ever since…

What’s the significance of the name Dapple-Grey?

I was trying to come up with a cute but catchy name for my label and I was sifting through my mum’s old photo albums and saw she had a horse called Lady the Dapple-Grey. I thought that was kind of sweet so then Dapple-Grey jewellery was born!

Your collection are very different from one another both in the material you’ve used and in the choice of silhouettes. What caused you to make the move from acrylic to natural fibres?

Each collection I try to use a new material so the design process is always interesting. The shift from acrylic to wood was great; it was a lot more time consuming and hands on! I hand stain and varnish each piece so the result is always different. In my latest collection Betty & Clive (which is in stores now across Australia) I also used stainless steel and layered it with the wood silhouettes which gave the pieces a really vintage vibe!

What inspired the Betty & Clive collection?

Betty & Clive is inspired by the cult TV series Antique Roadshow and everything vintage! So I turned to Granny’s old furniture and bric a brac for inspiration so think cuckoo clocks, gramophones and flying ducks!

The collection titles “Horseplay & Ponytails” and “Dressage” both have fairly obvious equine references… are you a My Little Pony girl at heart?

My collections are all ‘horsey’ referenced but I’m not sure why, I think I have been on a horse once in my life! The Betty & Clive collection was named after two old horses I petted on a trip down south! I did love my “my little Pony” her name was Blossom and she had a lovely pink mane!

What are the best and worst aspects of being a young, Perth based designer?

Perth is super talented and the people I have surrounded myself with in my studio “The Ballroom” are so supportive and keep it fun! Sometimes it’s a little tricky being all the way over in the West when trying to do the hard sell but now I have a super cute agent based in Melbourne who is really good at that thing! I love being from sunny Perth- there is so much going on here at the moment so it’s great to get amongst it!

Any local/national designers who you admire or draw inspiration from?

Some ladies I think are just super-cute are Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes and I also love Cory Kennedy for her kookiness! I’m also inspired by the lovely local designers/artists/photographers Penny Lane, Les Corbeaux, Miyoko, Bim Kenesis, Evil Eltron and Lame-o.

What does the future hold for Dapple-Grey?

The future is looking pretty dandy for Dapple-Grey! I have just taken the label international so Dapple-Grey will be popping up across the globe in places like Luxembourg, Seattle, Berlin, Romania, New York, Ireland and many more! I have also just finished my brand-spanking new range which will be in stores by Christmas and was inspired by the circus (so think powder-coated merry-go-round horses, talking parrots and rabbits in hats!).

Where are you stocked?

Dapple-Grey is stocked at: WA Lala Orange, Method, Aspects in Kings Park. SA Ipanema. NSW Dragstar, Paris Texas, Mushu. VIC Genki, The Cat’s Meow, Little Salon, Curious Eidolon, Meet me @ Mikes. TAS Luxe. ACT itrip iskip.


Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is footloose and fancy free!

Photographs by Penny Lane, Models: Courtney, Georgi + Matt from Scene, Makeup: Marie Princi