No, i’m not reminiscing about the Emmy winning tv show we all watched growing up about Urkle and the Winslow family… i’m talking about the only Family that matters to Perthies who want to look sharp- the Family store on Murray St in Perth’s west end. Formerly Fiasco, Family knows how to win Perth hearts with its clothes and accessories.

Family man Jamie sat down with Dropstitch to chat about the store, the label and to offer Dropstitch readers the chance to win a $50 Family voucher…

The move from Carillion to Perth’s West End was a big one for Family… it included a name change, a new store and a bigger emphasis on the Family label. What initiated the name change from Fiasco to Family?

 In Fiasco we stocked tons of labels and were catering to a lot of different people but always found there were things we knew we needed but could never find from these labels. One thing was basics, in quality fabrics, good fits and good colours. Mic (Material Boy) helped us set up our production and it started from there. As time went on we decided to experiment with more designs and found the response to be really good, so we then decided to do a full collection. We took the collection to Sydney fashion week and it got a great response.

It was around this time that we got the offer to move, and found our new location. This gave us an opportunity to reassess what we wanted to be. We decided to scale down the amount of brands and increase focus on the label, which we really enjoy, and get in more exclusive labels that can’t be found everywhere.

The name change seemed like an obvious progression with a new location and concept. Having our own label gives us the opportunity to make exactly what we think people want but can’t find. It is still a work in progress- we have other labels arriving, more of our collections coming, and stocking stores on the east coast and internationally as well.

What inspires the collections?

Because there is a group of us, we are constantly full of ideas for designs for each season, there is a large pool of influence, it is just a matter of whittling it down into a collection that fits together.

Which brands do Family stock?

Won’t mention all, but they include Material boy, Kokon to Zai, Name Brand NYC, Pegleg NYC, The Cassette Society, Of the Castle, Alex+Chloe…

What are the Family values? (Other than the obvious ones- no elbows on the table and no television until homework’s done…)

A family that plays together, stays together.

What’s the best thing about being a Perth based clothing store and label?

We are so isolated that it forces us to have a sense of what else is going on in the world.

Other than the Family store, where is the Family label stocked?

High Summer (our second range) is stocked in Capital L (syd), Mint (syd), Tuchuzy(bondi), Code Orange (syd), Violent Green(bris), Alterior Motif(gold coast), OT Store (perf), Pigeonhole (perf), Naked (adel), Bronzesnake (vic), Slick Willys(nz).

What does the future hold for Family?

Food fights, domestic violence, divorce, custody battles, indecent exposure, adultery, renewing our vows.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is going to get a whole lot better!

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A family that plays together…. ?

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A family that plays together, stays together

Check out Family’s myspace:

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Or in the flesh at: 357 Murray St, King’s St Art Centre.