Melissa wears Feather Children headpiece from Pigeonhole $220, Peacock necklace from Pigeonhole $50, ring from Pigeonhole $45,White Sands Swimsuit from Daneechi $188, I.D.S shorts from Planet $45, studded sandals from Planet $155. Scott wears Extinct singlet from Planet $79, Insight shorts from Planet $89.95, Raben sneakers from Planet $29.95, key necklace from Pigeonhole $39, Feather Children headpiece from Pigeonhole.

I loathe fluffy leg warmers, fluoro makes me want to scream and shirtless men with crap written all over themselves in permanent marker drives me mad, so seeing people wearing this crap at music festivals leave me feeling super frustrated. I understand that people want to be comfortable when they go to Summer music festivals but come on folks, it’s really not that hard to look good while still feeling comfortable. For this reason, X-Press Fashion has put together a special double-page shoot in our Summer Festival Guide, to show people the way, which will be distributed alongside X-Press on Thursday, January 14. I’m heading down to Southbound in Busselton this weekend and will hopefully have some real-life summer festival outfits to share with you when I get back next week.

Photographer: Otilee

Stylist: Emma Bergmeier

Hair Stylist: Jody Fiannaca

Make Up Artist: Samantha Enticknap

Models: Melissa and Scott from Scene

Melissa wears Colab Corbu sunglasses from Pigeonhole $198, Hotel Bondi swimsuit from Daneechi $264, Junk shorts from Planet $65, ring from Pigeonhole $45, Diana Mini Lomography camera from Pigeonhole, $110, Bonbons sandals from Planet. Scott wears Dusty tee from Pigeonhole $159, Bookclub jeans from Pigeonhole $240, Colab Superfuture sunglasses from Pigeonhole, hat from Pigeonhole $65, Raben shoes from Planet $29.95.