Tarryn Gill, Thea Costantino and Pilar Mata Dupont

Tim Watts stars as Angus in Heart Of Gold

I’ve worked with lovely photography duo Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont on the last three X-Press shoots (Bowled Over, When Yeti Met Betti, A Night At The Museum), and I’m pleased to announce that the girls’ latest project Heart Of Gold recently opened at PICA. Together with Thea Costantino, Pilar and Tarryn create spectacular musical theatre productions that are funny and aesthetically amazing, with a distinctive 1940s twist.

I went and saw Heart Of Gold the other night and was blown away by the calibre of performers, choreography and set design, so I thought I’d encourage you all to head along and see it if you’re in Perth. Here’s a rundown on the production:

With echoes of the traditional ghost story and a good dose of kitsch Australiana, Heart of Gold tells the story of Iris Brown and her children Angus and Violet. They live on the outskirts of Paucity, a town somewhere in rural WA.

Their solitude is broken by the entrance of Irving Saddle, a malignant policeman who burrows his way into the Browns’ household. The 12 year old Angus is suspicious of Irving’s intentions for the women of the house, and he fears for the burdensome secret that haunts him—which he guards. As the family’s relationships with one another unravel, Angus’s already unhinged perception of reality is stressed to dangerous proportions and he retreats into a nationalistic fantasy world—“Westralia”—defended by an all-female Ziegfeld-esque army which embodies the family’s dark past. Angus’s waking and dreaming lives merge into one another as the narrative grows ever more grotesque, and Irving uncovers the horrible secret beneath the house, forcing Angus to take action.

Heart Of Gold is on at the Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts til Saturday, November 14, with performances at 7.30pm. Bookings can be made through the PICA Box Office on (08) 9228 6300 or by heading to their site, here.

All photographs by Kim Tran