Ah New Zealand – a magical land where the mountains rise up to kiss the sky, sheep outnumber humans 8 to 1 and a steak won’t cost you the earth… that’s right, I’ve just returned from two weeks in the land of the long white cloud and already I want to go back! My husband and I were lucky enough to spend a blissful fortnight in NZ on our belated honeymoon, driving from Christchurch to Auckland, stopping in countless beautiful towns along the way.

Even though I knew New Zealand was going to be breathtaking, I was still blown away by its majesty when we arrived – so many stunning lakes, mountains, national parks, waterfalls, thermal parks, pebble covered beaches, winding roads and other awe-inspiring sights. Unlike Australia where the scenery is fairly consistent on a long country drive (red dirt & shrubs as far as the eye can see), New Zealand is full of surprises – around any turn you might encounter a crystal clear lake, or perhaps a rolling field that looks like it’s straight outta Scotland, or steam bubbling from the earth (if you’re up near Rotorua way).

If you’re in the throws of planning a holiday, I recommend steering clear of Bali/Thailand and making a bee-line for New Zealand – there’s no beating it!