What items are you wearing and where are they from?

The leopard skivy-thing is from an op shop,

Black top is a hand me down from Claire Mueller,

Tights from Target and boots were 20 bucks from Victoria markets (the sole has fallen off like 3 times, god bless super glue).

Which Perth stores are your favourites?

My favourite op shops, or anything with the word bargain in the title, give or take.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is full of people trying to be something they are not.  People worry too much about what other people think of them and worry about abiding by fashion rules. More people need to wear whatever and start doing their own thing… and start throwing plates at people who think they look lame (just a suggestion perhaps not plates). Ohh and too many people wear really short skirts with no leggings in winter, it makes me feel cold, and i dont want to see any more minge.