Modern-day nomads in search of fine food and boutique accommodation abroad and at home  have long been frustrated by the surplus of budget traveller guides flooding the market, the types that only showcase the cheapest holiday options, bed bugs guaranteed.  For those who want to stay somewhere chic and actually care about whether or not the showers are communal, Mr and Mrs Smith is a great holiday guide, featuring hotels you actually want to spend time at.

Over at Mr and Mrs Smith’s website, you can browse boutique hotels from all around the globe, including some lovely locations across Australia. Every boutique hotel in the Mr & Mrs Smith collection has been hand-picked  and anonymously reviewed by a handful of ‘tastemakers’ from the worlds of music, fashion, theatre, publishing, architecture, food and wine; to provide you with the low-down on each property’s perks and quirks, including insider tips on the best rooms in the house.

Designer Stella McCartney, chef Raymond Blanc and burlesque artist Dita Von Teese are among Mr & Mrs Smith’s existing reviewers, and they’ll be joined by local tastemakers such as actress Sigrid Thornton, celebrity restaurateur Christine Manfield and others soon to be revealed.

Mr & Mrs Smith has recently started featuring reviews on hotels across Australia, with Pemberton’s Stonebarn the first WA hotel to be reviewed. Here are some snaps from their website:

If you’d like to win a Mr & Mrs Smith travel guide, email me with a story about your worst hotel/hostel experience – emma at dropstitch.com.au