There’s nothing quite like stepping out into the sun and strolling down Beaufort or William Street to peruse the goods that our local fashion vendors are offering. That is, unless you can’t be bothered changing out of your pyjamas and would rather feel the warmth of your laptop on your legs as you recline on the couch and do a spot of online shopping. It’s then that people like Matt Brown become modern day saviours for allowing us to shop online at great sites like Moose: Art For Living.

‘Johnny Jukebox print’ by Sean Morris

What inspired you to create Moose?

My answer to this question is actually quite similar to why you started your blog. I think that rather than sit around and engaging in endless Perth-bashing, I thought why not try and add something to the culture and support talent that I’m sure is out there? I like the idea of telling stories with products, and everything we sell has the personality of the artist behind it, so there’s always a story to tell. Being an online store allows so many more people to share the Aussie creativity.

Which are your favourite local and national designers available on Moose?

I pick everyone who joins moose, so at one point, they’ve all been my favourite. Right now I really like the silhouette brooches by Allira Tee (a Melbourne designer), and the Art prints by Sean Morris and onetrickpony (both from Perth). The site would like to have more stuff for guys, but it’s hard to come by. I’m always open to suggestions and ideas, though.

‘Boy & Balloon brooch’ by Allira Tee

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for young artists and designers in Australia and Perth?

In Perth, I think the biggest obstacle is a snob factor about it all being too small and unworthy of the effort to get out there. We might not have as many galleries or interesting boutiques as the East Coast, but it’s no reason to ignore what we do have! I have minimal
computing and Internet experience, and yet here is moose! If you already have the amazing work ready to go, find your inner media whore and get on with it! It’s all about the stories you can tell, and international people LOVE to hear stories from Down Under.

What’s your favourite piece available instore at the moment?

Aaaah! ‘Favourite’ is not a word to use when 65 artists are involved! I love the work of the 3 artists I mentioned before, and of them, Allira’s ‘Boy & Balloon’ brooch is pretty nifty. I also love Sean’s ‘Johnny the Jukebox’ print, something about it reminds me of Ghost World.

‘Black Dolly Pendant’ by Kyo Hashimoto

Which ‘up and coming’ young designers and artists should Dropstitch readers keep an eye out for?

I’m always excited to receive new work from jewellery designer Kyo Hashimoto. She uses acrylic but does some truly incredible things with it so it looks more like wearable art than simply jewellery. Kyo has interned for Peter Morrissey and is getting a pretty big international following. I’m always impressed with Of Cabbages & Kings, too, and how they extend themselves with each collection.

What does the future hold for Moose?

Bigger! Brighter! More talent! We’re also going to start a Space category for more homewares-ey work, and a category called Exhibit, where you can go on a virtual gallery tour of an artist’s work. First, though, I must survive another Christmas spent in line at the Post Office with lots of packages for everyone!

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