WA designer Jaime Lee Major (winner of X-Press Fashion Graduate Award in 2008)

September is my favourite month of the year for one reason – the Perth Fashion Festival. Today the team at PFF launched their program for the 2010 festival which runs from September 9-15. This year I’m involved in a fair few facets of PFF – I’m judging Student Runway with Claire Davies from STM and Tane Andrews from Of Cabbages & Kings; I’m co-styling ReStyle – an event designed to show people how fashionable op shop outfits can be; and I’m somehow involved in a new event called 15 Minutes which is all about the rise of the fashion blogs – I’ll get back to you about that one. There are a few other things too but I can’t tell you about them… yet! For the full rundown on all things PFF head to their website here.

Above: design by Jaime Lee.

Below: design by Little Gracie