Peter Coombe’s Toffee Apple was the first cassette tape I ever owned. Knee high to a grasshopper, I recall it being cranked in Dad’s 4WD during numerous long car trips for holidays down south, with Peter’s ridiculously long verses about tadpoles growing legs and brushing your hair with bubblegum making “singing-along” pretty much a foolproof activity.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of live music acts since then but last night’s Coombe comeback (a sold out, 18+ event at Amplifier) make them all fade into oblivion in comparison.

Fashion was at it’s juicy, juicy best, with patrons channelling their playful, six year old selves in a variety of (grown up) colours and styles. With toffee apples and Newspaper Mama hats accessorizing most looks, you lot made for some great snaps last night…













Words and photographs: Danielle Marsland