Oh, Project Runway, how I adore thee!

A few years ago, some friends of mine who had Foxtel introduced me to the wonderful world of Project Runway America and I’ve been hooked ever since!

For those who are uninitiated, Project Runway is a reality show that pits 12 designers against one another in weekly challenges, to determine which three designers should show at the country’s respective fashion week.

Canada and Britain followed the yanks and created their own series, but nothing ever quite matched the original. Australia followed suit last year, launching its own version of the series, which proved just as addictive and enjoyable as the American original.

Arena has recently put the callout for designers for the second Australian series, so I’m helping to spread the word…

“Producers will be looking for raw talent and personality when deciding on the designers that will take the fashion spotlight. Project Runway Australia gives designers a platform to express themselves with the fashion industry looking over their shoulder.”

Designers interested in being part of Project Runway should: log onto www.arenatv.com.au(,) complete an application and provide their resume, upload examples of their designs and/or sketches, upload photos and/or short video of themselves.