Kate Sylvester

Fellow blogger Harbour Master and I kicked off day 3 of RAFW with Kate Sylvester’s runway show at the OPT, which luckily for us started an hour late (we missed our bus and thought we’d missed the show but it turns out they were conveniently running super behind schedule)… Tardiness aside, the show was fantastic; Sylvester combined army greens with light browns and off white tones, showcasing swimwear, her own stunning footwear collection, beautiful belts, high waisted skirts and socks with sandals.

Kate Sylvester

In between shows I took lots of street style photos for Vogue UK – can’t tell you how awesome it feels to be able to walk up to someone and say ‘can I please take your photo for Vogue?’. People flip out with excitement and rightly so! I’ll let you know when my photos go up on their website…

Above: Alyx the lovely Associate Editor of Oyster Magazine

Above & below: Alice McCall

Next show for the day was Alice McCall in the balmy and mildly smelly Cargo Theatre and despite the smells/temperature, the show was incredible. The runway was lined with floral carpet your Grandmother would be proud to have in her ‘good room’, and the same floral print was featured in a few of the garments. Wearing pale green brogues (similar to Flannel), models strutted down the runway adorned in art deco inspired prints, digital prints and neutral tones.

Harbour Master and I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Sydney being tourists, which included a trip to Darling Harbour, the spectacular Chinese Gardens and the Power House Museum for the Frock Stars exhibition. 2010 marks RAFW’s 15th year and Frock Stars looks back at previous festivals, showcasing the garments, designers and models that made headlines in the past.

Tomorrow is going to be super busy – I’m kicking off the day with Ae’lkemi and finishing it with an Ant!podium cocktail party which promises to be incredible! Stay tuned for more…