What items are you wearing and where are they from?

Stella & Mink skivvy, beautiful italian skivvys from Melbourne’s Stella & Mink… I couldn’t believe my luck seeing it for sale in n art shop in Augusta WA (the prettiest southern town),

Vintage copper dress, from an old stall at the Subi Station St Markets (circa 1999), now long gone unfortunately,

Grey marle woollen tights (my new best friend) from DJs in Sydney,

Aztec strappy shoes are from an op-shop, can’t remember where… i’ve had the addiction for over 10 years now,

And my Lanvin perfume bottle, courtesy of my Ma.. she rocks!

Which Perth stores are your favourites to shop at?

Dr Russell’s Emporium, Old Values, the furniture stalls at the Station St markets, Periscope, Subway, Eldorado, Keith & Lottie and if these count: op-shops in my home town of Busso and netaporter.com!

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is original and full of talent.. we have good eyes here. I can’t help but compare: Melbourne’s is bleak and been done before & Sydney’s is full of CCs (copycats).. suckers!