I love science fiction; give me episodes of Battlestar Galactica, V, Lost, Firefly etc and I’ll happily watch them back to back for hours on end.  So when photographer Darren Smith asked if I’d style a science fiction photo shoot inspired by B movie posters I jumped at the opportunity.

This project is still a work in progress – we hope to have 4 to 6 images in total and yesterday we shot the first two.  To give the photos an out of this world feel we drove up to the Pinnacles located three hours drive north of Perth (but because I can’t read maps it took 5 hours to get there…. whoops!). The two looks we shot were inspired by Wonder Woman and an alien from Mars. Thanks so much to Chloe for modelling, Eva from Planet and Zoe Trotman for lending me garments, Wasp for lending me wigs, Rebecca for her amazing makeup, Rommi for helping out with whatever needed doing and of course Mr Smith himself! Stay tuned for the final images – these are just my behind the scenes shots. Happy long weekend!

I didn’t notice it when I took this photo but don’t you think this rock next to Chloe looks like a skull? Awesome!