Located on bustling William St in Northbridge, Keith and Lottie is a lovely little store bursting with personality and knick knacks. So exactly who are Keith and Lottie? Dropstitch sat down with Kristine from the store to find out…

So… who are Keith and Lottie?

It’s a secret!

Keith and Lottie is pretty unique in  the Perth market considering it’s both a store and a gallery. What influenced you decision to open a gallery space within the store?

When we first opened as a store, we had heaps of artists and designers coming in trying to get their work recognised. We could only sell so much stuff in the shop so it seemed like a natural progression to open up the gallery. Not only is the gallery a great way for artists to get some exposure, it also allows our customers to understand the background to the products that they’re buying.

Which brands do you stock at Keith and Lottie?

– Deathbot (Perth)
– Princess Tina (Melbourne)
– BKTM (Melbourne)
– nightsidedown (Melbourne)
– YOK (Melbourne)
– 2×4 (Australia)
– The Quiet Life (USA)
– Good Shape Design (USA)
– Richard…son (New Zealand)
– juju’s delivery (Germany)

– Em-i-ly (Perth)
– Blush of Boys (Perth)
– Hayley Mei (Melbourne)
– Princess Tina (Melbourne)
– Stephanie Simek (USA)
– Erica Weiner (USA)

Other knick-knacks:
– Rewind Coffee
– Toy2R Toys
– Delta Robots
– Qee Designer Vinyl Toys
– Blank & Painted Babushka Dolls (in all different shapes and sizes)
– paperedtogether cards and coasters

Kingbrown, rojo, Nieves, Love is My Velocity and heaps more.

How has the birth of the William Street Collective (with events such as Windows on William) influenced the store?

It’s good to see so many cool new shops opening up along William Street and having grouped together as the William Street Collective has been beneficial for all of us. Hopefully in the future we can do a lot more together and William Street will grow even more.

How do you choose the artists who exhibit in the gallery space?

We accept applications from everyone and then sort through from there. We try to keep it different and exhibit a range of artists using a variety of mediums. Applications are available on our website in the gallery section.

Any exhibitions currently on show? Any exciting ones coming up?

Our last show for the year, ‘Tiny Town’ by Karen de San Miguel is about to wind up, after that the gallery space will be closed for the holiday break. Also, Keith + Lottie Gallery is about to wrap up its third year of gallery shows so to celebrate we are holding a retrospective show of the highlights from our favourite past shows. The show will be held at the Breadbox Gallery, and opens this Friday 16 November. Relocated is part of the Alphabet City Artrage Festival, and opens along with 10 other shows, should be a great night.

What’s the best thing about being a Perth based store?

People are even more appreciative when something independent and different comes along.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is on William!