I stumbled across Libertine when I was exploring in Mt Lawley this afternoon. It’s nestled between Ruck Rover General Store & Test Tube on Chelmsford St. It’s been open for about 4 months and is co-owned by Amanda & Alyssa. I asked Amanda a few questions about the store…

What’s the significance of the name Libertine?

The name Libertine is decadent, a little over the top and certainly not minimalistic. Even a bit hedonistic.

What kind of clothes does the store stock?

Everything we’ve got in here is from local designers but we’ve also got a lot of sweat-shop free designers who we’ve hooked up with from overseas.

Who’s your favourite local designer?

I should say Mandimac (which is me) but I love all our designers. We’ve just got in stock from Who Went Digital who do t-shirt prints that are just fantastic. We’ve also got Beardsley & Blue Jeans who use all the fluoro colours.

Check out Libertine’s myspace- www.myspace.com/libertineshop