Nestled away in the long forgotten Bon Marche Arcade resides a small store called Pigeonhole. Like it’s namesake, Pigeonhole is a small space full of interesting things that are definitely worth a closer look.

Pigeonhole owner Johann sat down to talk to Dropstitch after a busy first week…


After generously donating 3 necklaces to Dropstitch readers last time we spoke, Johann has again decided to give Dropstitch readers the opportunity to win some more cool stuff! Read more to find out how…

What’s the significance of the name Pigeonhole?

Well, when you see the store you’ll understand! It’s a tiny, hidden safe-haven in the heart of the city – a little place to call home and a retreat from the bustle of the city streets; and of course there is plenty of pigeonhole shelving (thanks to our friends at ikea), housing quirky objects from around the globe.

Which labels does the store stock?

– Elsie Jean (Perth)
– Helena Fredrikkson (NY)*
– Inele (Perth)
– Ivana Helsinki (Finland)*
– Lilly Pilly (Perth)
– Mine (London)*
– Su (Perth)
– Threadless Tees (Chicago)

– Dusty (Finland)*
– Extinct (Melbourne)*
– Family Values (Perth)
– Threadless Tees (Chicago)
– Ulterior Motive (Sweden)*
– Whyzseck (Sweden)*

– Dosh (Sydney)
– Frozen Peas (Portland)*
– Hagar Design (Cambodia)*
– Pratten (Sydney)
– Proverb (Perth)
– Psalm (Perth)
– Scott Meyer (Melbourne)
– Ulterior Motive (Sweden)*

Random objects of curiosity:
– Artecnica (USA)
– Demeter (NY)
– Details (Germany)
– Ester + Erik (Denmark)
– La Tete Au Cube (Paris)
– Lomography (Vienna)
– Night Owl Paper Goods (Alabama)
– Oracle Organic (Sydney)
– Semicolon (Germany)
– T2 (Melbourne)
– Tord Boontje (Netherlands)
– Wallpaper City Guides
– Select Vintage finds & Object D’art
*Labels marked with an asterisk are exclusive to Pigeonhole in Perth or

What motivated you to open a new store in Perth?

Opportunity i guess. I’d spent all of last year travelling and came back with a little bit of inspiration and a little bit of faith but not much else… so when they gave me a lease without asking for any financial details i just signed on the dotted line and bung the whole thing on some credit cards and prayed to God that it would work out somehow. hah!

Does Pigeonhole fill a gap in the market?

Gosh I hope so! Where else can you buy a bottle of organic cola, a candle in the shape of a cat and a bright yellow velvet dress all in the one space the size of your bedroom!

Which is your favourite local designer?

Ooo, there’s just so much design talent out there… but i really can’t resist a girl wearing Su!

What does the future hold for Pigeonhole?

Fame, fortune and world domination of course! But until then… expect to find plenty of wierd and wonderful things straight out of Scandinavia or the States as well as lots of little exclusive afterhours shopping shindigs for fans and friends.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

Perth fashion is preparing for showdown…

Ok… so now to the good stuff! To get your mits on some cute earrings (7 pairs up for grabs), email me ( with the answer to this question:

What is the cheapest item for sale in Pigeonhole?

Head over to Pigeonhole to find the answer- Shop 16, Bon Marche Arcade on Barrack St… Open 11am-6pm Mon to Sat (open until 8pm on Fridays)

Photographs from Pigeonhole’s launch were taken by Felicia Singkang