photo 4

Amy Raats from Vivien’s doing her best swan impression wearing sequin top by Emily Muco and vintage tulle skirt

photo 1

The hair styling technique above is called Rick Racking – you wrap the hair in a figure 8 around a pin then heat it with a straightening iron to create a crimp like effect. It took ages to do but was definitely worth the work!

photo 2

After a very quiet Christmas I was desperate to do something creative in the early New Year, and found my opportunity in the form of a photoshoot last week with the amazing Caitlin Worthington and Sam Enticknap, along with the beautiful miss Amy R @ Vivien’s on modelling duties. Our creative vision was pretty loose:  we wanted to do something beautiful and whimsical, so off we went to the salt lakes in Rockingham with armfuls of tulle, gold leaf and sequins. We were greeted by flies, broken bottles and sunlight so intense that it was hard to open our eyes… not the most glamorous scenario but I’m sure some lovely shots will come out of it. Until then, here are some sneaky Instagram behind-the-scenes snaps.

photo 3
photo 5