I received a lovely email last week asking if I would like to offer my readers some passes to The September Issue and I responded with:  ‘no way; if it’s not about sport I don’t want to know about it’… haha, not quite! I replied lickity split and snapped them up, so now I have a bunch of passes to divvy out.  I was thinking of asking potential ticket recipients to compete in some fashion related challenge but instead, all you need to do to win a pass is email me – emma (at) dropstitch.com.au – with a picture to make me laugh (and an address for me to mail passes to) – think of it as curing my impending Tuesdayitis.

Here’s a little rundown on the film:

“Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine for twenty years, is the most powerful and polarizing figure in fashion. Hidden behind her trademark bob and sunglasses, she has never allowed anyone to scrutinize the inner workings of her magazine. Until now. With unprecedented access, filmmaker R.J. Cutler’s new film The September Issue does for fashion what he did for politics in The War Room, taking the viewer inside a world they only think they know.”

The September Issue is out nationally on August 20.