Installation by Leah Tarlo at Beyond Garment

The wait is over folks, I’ve finally drawn the winner of the 15 Minutes giveaway. I utilised the services of the ‘Truly Random Number Generator’ to choose a winner and it selected comment #24, which is Marc from A Gentleman’s Days & Adventures. Congrats Marc, you and a friend will be attending 15 Minutes!

Those of you who didn’t win needn’t sigh because I have another wonderful PFF related giveaway for your enjoyment! The ladies at On William have given me a $50 gift voucher for Popsicle to giveaway, which can be redeemed on items by a range of stellar designers, including jewellery by Leah Tarlo (pictured). Popsicle will set up shop in the Perth Cultural Centre on September 9, shutting up on September 15. To enter, all you have to do is comment on this post…