What items are you wearing and where are they from?

Shoes are by Diesel from David Jones.

The jeans are girls Ben Shermans (i got them from one of those “top brands liquidation sales”, which i’m not proud of going to).

The t-shirt is by Ksubi from Elle (my sister works there so i get stuff half price) – I wouldn’t shell out the full price for one of those puppies.

The jacket is an op-shop jacket that a friend of mine customised to look libertinesesque.

To top it off, the Shemagh (i’ve been told that is the right term) is from Dubai, it was a gift from a friend.

Which Perth stores are your favourites to shop at?

I go through phases of where i like to shop. at the moment i think David Jones has a lot of good, ‘edgey’ stuff in.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…?

I don’t really know much about fashion but i’d say Perth fashion is not as shit as we say it is. Get some cultural pride Perth!