Though many of us twenty-somethings said goodbye to the family costume box upon picking up and leaving home, most still have their own treasure boxes… and for me, it’s my wardrobe.

Whether you treasure your clothes like me, or you just like to own pretty things, you won’t want to miss out on Treasure Box, a one day designer fashion sale with part proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Foundation of WA.

Joveeba, Gospel, i67, Tu, Loop, Katou, Ashe, Zanthus, Story By Tang, Adam Wore Short Pants, She Said Yoo Hoo, Megan Salmon, Justin Unicorn, Bim Kenesis, Murr Jewellery, Lilly Pilly, Katya, and Genetics are all on board for the Sunday, December 7, sale, which runs between 10am and 4pm.

You’ll find Treasure Box at Royal Park Hall, located on the corner of Charles Street and Vincent Street in North Perth.

For more info, head to Joveeba’s website.