In the last year or so a lot of people that I care about have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a debilitating disease and it affects so many people, so I think we should all do everything we can to contribute to finding a cure. I’ve never been good at science so there’s no chance of me personally discovering a cure, but I feel like I’m helping the cause by volunteering my time at Two Bucks Til Wednesday sales. Run by three lovely Perth lasses – Hannah, Anna and Sophia – quarterly Two Bucks sales raise money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation by selling off op-shop clothes. On Saturday afternoon the Two Bucks ladies raised over $4000 for ACRF at their Spring sale, which brings their donated total up to a whopping $27,000. I for one would like to applaud the Two Bucks ladies for all the amazing work they do! Big ups also to everyone who shops at Two Bucks sales – your hard earned dosh is helping to find a cure, keep up the good work!