Perth’s answer to Vivienne Westwood or Romance Was Born, Of Cabbages And Kings, are back with their latest collection, and it’s a killer.

When Tane and Kira packed up and headed north I have to admit that I was wishing they would stay, as Perth hadn’t seen such a fantastic, home grown, avant-garde label in a long while.

I was pleasantly surprised then when Tane emailed me last week with pictures from their latest collection ‘Under Ice’, named after a Kate Bush song. It turns out that you can take OC&K out of Perth but you can’t take OC&K out of Tane and Kira. ‘Under Ice’ references everything from the illustrations of German naturalist Ernst Haeckel, to the paintings of Herbert Draper and of course, the classic album ‘Hounds’ by Kate Bush.

It seems that Tane and Kira aren’t wasting any time over in London – after dressing the Dandi Winds last year, they’ve been asked to style a new band called Fan Death, who have apparently been working closely with Diplo

Under Ice hits stores in October, for more info check out