Photographs by Cameron Etchells

Ladies and gents, roll up, roll up; it’s time for another Two Bucks Til Wednesday sale. The TBTW team has collected mounds of vintage clothing from op shops near and far, which they will sell on Saturday, September 26, to raise funds for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. Doors open at 2pm as usual, but things will work a little differently this time; to prevent a stampede,  the first 100 people lined up will be allowed into the sale first,  and they will then get to shop for 30 minutes.  At 2.30pm, the next 100 people will be let inside. For the first hour of the sale, shoppers will only be allowed to purchase 3 items each.

The sale will take place upstairs at the  Mt Hawthorn Community Hall at 197 Scarborough Beach Road.

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Oh, and please dress yourself up in a snapable outfit because I’ll be there with my camera for a spot of Dropstitching 🙂