What items are you wearing and where are they from?

Alexandra: My dress is secondhand from a carboot sale in Melbourne,

Coat, stockings, shoes and handbag are from Hong Kong,

Trinkets collected from various outings and Disneyland.

Virginia: I am wearing a dress made by my friend Sophie Hamilton.

What are you favourite stores in Perth?

Alexandra: Pongee, Xdream (I think that’s what it’s called- at the train station), I have some old faithful op-shops.

Virginia: Bille & Rose and Harry Highpants.

Who are you favourite Australian designers?

Alexandra: I don’t really know any. I do love Prude and Romance is Born is funny.

Virginia: Alice McCall, Cohen & Sabine and Camilla & Marc.

Finish this sentence: Perth fashion is…

Alexandra: Perth fashion is alright!

Virginia: Perth fashion is starring at this year’s Perth Fashion Festival- 13 – 21 September 2007!