Greetings Dropstitch readers,

Apologies for not updating much recently… i’ve adopted a social hermit persona but I will outfit hunt again soon, I promise!

Anyway, i’ve been invited to take part in Wedding Dress #2- from what I can gather, it’s like Berlin fashion week.

Darryl from StreetClash has organised for another mini street clash competition to take place as part of this cultural festival. There are 23 cities competing and Perth is one of them.

As for how the competition will run, the visitors to the gallery at Wedding Dress #2 will see all of the photographers’ images on the wall, then go to the computers located in the gallery to vote.  Voting will go from 1(lowest) – 5 (highest), and will take place on (not sure if it will be on the main page yet, or elsewhere).  It will also run on , which means that the competition is open to the whole world, although it’s located in Berlin.  All the photos will be up together, and will change daily, along with the photos in the gallery. 

So, as of tomorrow, I need you to vote!

Cheers, Em x